Hyatt Regency Mumbai International Airport


Different Price Ranges of Various Types of Mumbai Escorts


The Hyatt Regency International airport hotel is one of the best hotels near the airport to have a stayover if you are looking for a hotel to stay near the airport. The hotels provide spas and other various features to the customers. It also has contacts with Mumbai’s best independent escort service providers.

Let us check out those escorts’ price ranges and help you get the best one for your pleasure.

Price of escorts

The Hyatt regency mumbai international airport escorts service is one of the famous escort services with the best and the most significant number of foreign escorts. The price range of foreign escorts is of a high budget, starting from 3000 per hour. They have Russian, Thai and English women to provide the best services. The regency also has contact with the best independent Mumbai escorts, with a price range starting from 1500 per hour to 4000 for a night.

The price of amateur escorts is relatively lower, and the experienced ones have the price nearly to the foreign ones. The Mumbai call girls’ service is most considerable in India; thus, the Hyatt regency gets an advantage and helps the customers get the desired escort.

The hotel always tries to provide their customers’ service as soon as possible and always provides the best escorts. The hotels have various escorts like: –

  1. Airhostess
  2. Married
  3. High profile models
  4. Celebrities
  5. Amateur teens, and
  6. Professional escorts

These are the primary and various types of escorts the Hyatt Regency provides its customers.


Hyatt regency international airport hotel is one of the best hotels to get your desires done. There are many escorts as per your budget and comfort. The hotels provide almost all types of escorts which can help you get your ultimate desire.  So, check out the price and the type you want to complete your wish tonight.