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How to Enjoy a Soft core Session With Slim Escort?

A nude photo shoot, where the moments of sex are captured as an image file rather than an mp4 file, is called Soft core Session. Also, when the director shows intimate scenes in a movie, rather than showing the penis and vagina, it is mentioned as Soft-core Session. However, in these scenes, breasts and chests are visible.

Soft-core Sessions are found in the movie, porn films where the genitals and the penetration are not filmed. But, the way to experience it with Mumbai escorts or with other escorts is as follows:

  • Switch off Lights: Make the room dark or hardly put on some dim lights. You’re going for a soft core session, so make your genitals less visible.
  • Blindfolded: Use a sleep mask or a piece of black clothes to cover up the escorts’ eyes. Tighten up the protection as you aim to prevent the site of penetration.
  • Eye Contact: Make constant eye contact with the escort with a large amount of moaning. It will not only result in a soft-core session but also help you to get an intense erotic ambiance.
  • Be gentle: As the name suggests, soft core, the escort will be expecting soft, slow sex. Even with the pace of penetration, kiss her slow. So make the sex gentle and enjoyable.

Slim Escorts Service Mumbai

If you’re a big guy, then book a slim escort in Mumbai. It would help you cover her all around, fulfilling a soft core session. Then, hold her in your arms and perform penetration without the vision. Mumbai escorts are best for matching your demands than other escorts hence recommended.

Hence, to sum up, soft core sessions with escorts can be a unique experience overall. As most perform rough sex, you’re giving the vagina a rest by slow penetration. Also, these sessions help you to connect more with the escort. Sometimes the intercourse may turn romantic, leading to a whopping orgasm for both of you.