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Giving and receiving the best oral sex from Mumbai escorts

Oral sex, also known as oral intercourse, refers to a sexual activity that involves stimulation of the genitals of one person by the other person’s mouth. Cunnilingus is oral sex performed in the vagina, whereas fellatio is the oral sex portrayed in the penis. These Mumbai escorts are skilled enough to give you the best oral sex. Oral sex is performed as foreplay to set the ambiance.

Mumbai Sexy girls service

The Mumbai sexy girls know well about the positions that make oral sex worth it. The client and the escort can make each other happy by giving and receiving the best oral sex. Oral sex can be performed by both performers simultaneously in a specific position.

  • This position is commonly known as the sixty-nine position. The two of you can align yourself in this position which ensures that each person’s mouth is near the genitals of the other, and they start licking and playing with each other’s genitals simultaneously performing oral sex.
  • This type of sexual position can involve any sex. The partners are thus inverted like the numbers 6 and 9, which brings out the best kind of sexual pleasures. If your technique is proper, it makes you undergo multiple orgasms at the very beginning.
  • Both partners’ genitals are lubricated by the saliva that generates while licking the genitals. Oral sex is one of the best forms of non-penetrative sex.

Therefore oral sex provided by the Mumbai sexy Girls makes you feel refreshed and energetic. This is the service you would want to avail yourself of time and again from these Mumbai escorts. Oral sex also leads to sexual arousal among partners, which helps them later in having excellent sexual intercourse.