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Performing Mutual Masturbation with Mumbai Escorts

Mumbai escorts can give you pleasure in several ways. However, ultimately it is on you to choose which way you want to fulfill your physical desires with the woman. A popular trend amongst men getting a Spanish Call Girls Service is to cum through the physical act of mutual Masturbation. It is a highly desirable act and can bring in an enormous amount of satisfaction.

Ways of performing mutual Masturbation

  • It is always recommended that you start any session with a smooch and slowly get your tongues involved.
  • Eventually, take her clothes off, and go down to her belly while kissing and sucking your way towards the navel and below.

This will be the beginning of the session to turn her on.

  • Stop making love to her once you are turned on as well.
  • Then get on the two sides of the bed or whatever you are laying or sitting on. This will help you to see each other while you masturbate.
  • The escort will be rubbing her clitoris initially and then start fingering herself via the vagina hole. While she does so, you will see her making seductive expressions and moaning. Sometimes in between, she might even cup and press her boobs.
  • As you see her masturbating, there is no doubt that you will get a boner as well. Facing her, keep giving yourself a hand job. If you wish to, you can use a lubricant like body oil or a moisturizer to enhance the sensual feel.

Mutual Masturbation is a very intimate act. Yes, it is not the first thing that comes to one’s mind, but it is a highly recommended act of pleasure. Spanish Call Girls Escort is well known for performing mutual Masturbation. Hence wait no longer and hire your favorite escort right now.