Virgin Escorts

How To Handle Virgin Escorts For The First Time?

Virgin Escorts are a boon. If you ever get a virgin escort, treat her like a queen as it is like finding a diamond ring in a palace. Virgin Escorts charge way more than everyday escorts, which is very obvious. But, getting a virgin escort sometimes can also be mysterious.

The way of handling these escorts are:

  • For virgin call girls, first sex might be painful. Start slow and explore the various parts. Rub her vagina and lick it before putting your dick. As a virgin, it shall be highly erotic for her.
  • Perform penetration slowly as her hymen might still be there. Kiss her breasts and other erogenous areas to make her horny.
  • Respect the fact that she is a virgin. Hence, bleeding can occur at first. Compensate her fear with your love and cuddle her all over. Kiss her neck and avoid any harsh method or behavior.

Virgin Escorts

It’s better not to expect any virgin escort service. The reason behind it is that escort services first lose the virginity of the escorts and then make them eligible for business. Virgin escorts can lead to various complications, so the escort services do so. But if you encounter any virgin escort, think that the escort has been kidnapped.

  • Ask the escort regarding the kidnapping and make the situation easy for the victim, forced to be an escort.
  • Call the police if the escort feels nervous about revealing the kidnapping. Make you and the girl safe rather than being accused by the escort service provider later.

Thus, if you get a virgin, call the girl first to cross-check her regarding the kidnapping case for security. Or else show love and passion for sex and make her feel the essence of intimacy. Getting a real virgin call girl requires a high, rich, and secret circle of service providers.