Foot Fetish Girls

How Is Foot Fetish Escort Service Like?

Before going very deep, first, let’s explain what Foot Fetish is. Foot Fetish is the sexual arousal your body gets when seeing the opposite gender’s feet. By looking at any girl’s toes and feet, they turn on. Also, men get attracted to feet wearing an anklet, ankle string, toe ring, and others. Foot Fetish escort services are well and good.

Foot Fetish Girl

Many believe foot fetish is just a guy thing, but it’s not. The woman even has a foot fetish on a high scale. Especially they get horny by seeing their own feet. It’s not a matter of judgment because sexual arousal can happen to anyone at any time. These girls are more into pedicures and manicures. They feel intense hotness while doing such things. People having such syndromes need not feel bad, as these sexual kinks are common. It’s just that people don’t share out of embarrassment.

Foot Fetish Escort Services

If you’re a foot fetish girls, then first discuss it with the escort. They wouldn’t disagree as they include such services in their packages only. At first, start by kissing their feet and rubbing them around your dick even. Then, for better arousal, ask them to wear any feet ornaments. Then, slowly go up and try targeting the legs and thighs. Meanwhile, stroke your feet with the escort’s feet and spank her booty hard. If you feel awkward, don’t be shy. Instead, ask the escort; they would certainly help you, as you are paying for it.

  • Precaution – Use a dental dam for both foot fetish and oral sex.

Hence, a foot fetish is a wonderful experience overall. Some escorts will love it, while some will feel gross. Just speak with them. Some people also have shoe play besides foot fetish. Shoe play is also more or less the same. It is arousal caused due to shoes and stuff like that.