Mumbai Escort Anal Girls

How to Bang Mumbai Escorts From Behind

There are men out there who think that it is just them who enjoy Mumbai Escort Anal Girls Service, but it is high time that they know that women too love to get banged from behind if done the right way. The process is not just a pleasure for men but almost equally for women. If you can hit the right spot inside the woman with your dick, she might even cum faster than you, irrespective of whether it is anal sex or vaginal sex.

Ways to enjoy a banging session with escorts

Banging Mumbai escort, anal girls can be more than fun if you follow the correct procedure.

  • The doggy position is one of the legitimate best positions to have anal sex. The woman will be bent on her hands and knees, sitting in a dog pose while you insert your penis from behind her. Some spanks can even spice up the session.
  • You can demand your hired escort to sit on you if you wish to. However, for a better banging experience from behind, she will have to sit on you facing towards your legs as her anal hole will then be vertically over your penis.
  • Sometimes you can finger her through her vagina while having anal sex, in the usual missionary position, or from by her side.

A few things that you should keep in mind are:

  • Try to keep her anal hole and your dick on the same level so that any pain is not caused.
  • Cleaning the anal track of the woman is a compulsion.

A passionate anal sex session is something all men want. You need not worry about the escort getting hurt as she will be someone experienced or ready to have anal sex. Hire an escort today itself and enjoy banging her from behind!