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Sex is generally viewed with bad intentions, but to be honest, it is a natural thing for any adult. Sexual importance is very important for mankind, as there would be no of us without it. Sexual intercourse is an activity during which a penis is either thrust or inserted into the female vagina. This act is generally enacted for getting sexual pleasure as well as for reproduction. But one thing to remember is that a female vagina is very delicate and should not be treated roughly. During intercourse, a penis needs lubrication in the vagina to make the intercourse smooth and enjoyable, but in most females, this lubrication is not always present.

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This is where foreplay comes in. Foreplay refers to sexual activities which are done before intercourse. The sexual activities might range from kissing to discussing your sexual fetishes/fantasies or even physical genital touch. Every girl has a weak spot when it comes to sexual activities, and if you can capitalize on that spot, she will be sexually aroused, which will lubricate her vagina as well her sexual feelings.

As I said that different girls get aroused too different things, so let’s discuss some of the things that can arouse can arouse the sexual feeling of a girl during foreplay-

  1. Kissing

A man must hone kissing techniques according to which he can satisfy his partners. Different girls might like different types of kisses. One might like it rough, while one might like it slow and sensual. You must understand the desires of your partners and then try to hit her delicate spots. If done correctly, sexual pleasure is guaranteed, which might also sexually arouse your partner, making it much more fun in the bed.

  • Discussing fantasies

Both males as well as females, have dirty sexual fantasies relating to their sexual partners. This might sound silly, but imagine you and your partner are close to each other and talking dirty about how you want to do certain things with him/her while on the physical counter. This scene will soon turn on both of you. Hence arousing sexual feelings between each other. For example, a boy might fantasize about sexual pleasure with his partner while she is wearing a certain dress of his choice; let’s say that is lingerie. As you both are in physical contact, it will help you imagine her in that costume, arousing you along with her.

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  • Take Showers together

Taking showers together is another way of fore playing and pleasuring your partner. As a male, you should try to strip with her before showering. Having sexual pleasure in a bathtub with hot bubbly water will help your body warm, increasing the sexual feeling in both of you. Try to touch her delicate spots with hot water. This would be enough to pleasure her before starting the sexual intercourse.

Take Showers together

Men are also very sensitive to sexual feelings, but unlike girls, they try their best not to show it. So, it’s upon the female to sexually arouse your male partner. Here are some of the ways through which you can sexually arouse your male partner before sexual intercourse. For More vip Escorts in mumbai

  1. Giving him a blow job

The penis is the most sensitive part of a man’s body and the most sexually affected part of the body. You need to aim for the penis to turn it on. Generally, the penis is very sensitive, due to which it reacts to even slight touch. This is why you must try to give him a blowjob. A blowjob is the best way of turning on a male as a blowjob can give a similar feeling of penetration.

  • Giving him a full body massage with oil

Like a female body, a male also has weak or delicate spots. If you can hit those delicate or weak spots, you have a great chance of turning him on. To go with this point, you can use oil to massage his entire body, including his penis. Oil is a good way of lubricating his body which would please him. Finally, you can play with his penis with the help of the oil. Other than the penis, there are other spots in his body, such as his chest, which you can message for giving him the pleasure he craves.

  • Let him dominate you

BDSM is sexual intercourse where your partner (generally males) will dominate you. There are many males as well as a female who have fantasies of dominating their partner or being dominated. If your male partner is fond of dominating you during sexual intercourse, then you should let him dominate you. Generally, this type of sexual intercourse tends to be a bit rough, but both of you should know the limits as both of your delicate parts, specifically the vagina and the penis, are in the mix.

  • Watch Porn with him

It is known to everyone that males, as well as females, masturbate to get a taste of sexual pleasure in the form of orgasm. Porn is a great way of arousing your sexual feeling, so watching Porn with your partner might be the best option if you think of turning on your partner before sexual intercourse. If you like your partner, watching that thing might make him the quickest. Let’s say someone likes boobs, so watching a porn video with a big boobed female might be pretty good for arousing him.

We are currently in 2022, so sex must not be something that should be joked with. Apart from providing sexual pleasure to both males and females, it is also very important for the mental health of any person. Sexual intercourse is a very important part of a relationship, whether a marriage or anything. It is generally seen that females generally have great expectations from their partners regarding the sexual aspect. This is because everyone has some sexual expectation, and if those are not met, it could bring mental instability and frustration, which could bring friction between you and your loved ones.

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