Break your mental barriers, try standing sex positions for a month for a great health, fitness and a great sex life

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It is said that the best sex usually happens outside the boundaries. Human beings often get caught up with traditions and live their life inside a box. The box they live inside is not physical in nature. The box that human beings put themselves is purely their mental boundaries and barriers.

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According to research, having sex in standing positions is almost as good a calorie burner as running. However, only 2 percent of people actually indulge in it. The reason is that they feel that standing sex is too demanding on their bodies.

This is only a mental barrier. The benefits of having sex in the standing position are many. You can use the case study of the man who broke the sub-4 minute mile barrier in running in order to motivate yourself to have standing sex.

How strong are these mental barriers?

Since the early 1880’s, top athletes supported by top coaches of the era had been trying to run a mile within 4 minutes for over half a century. However, the feat seemed impossible. A British runner called Roger Bannister ran a sub 4 minute mile on the 6th of May 1954.

Bannister was actually a full-time student who devised his own coaching programs. He did not have a coach and preferred to coach himself with his own out of the box methods. He clocked 3 minutes 59.4 seconds for his sub-4-minute mile run.

Was the weather perfect on 6th May 1954 for breaking the 4 minute mile?

The crowd support was a relatively small gathering of about two thousand people at Oxford, England compared to failed attempts by other more high profile athletes which had a crowd support of over ten thousand supporters. For More : Mumbai escorts

What happens when mental barriers are broken?

What followed was a revelation. An Australian athlete called John Landy not only ran a sub-4 minute-mile within just 46 days of Bannister’s impossible feat but he also bested Sir Roger Bannister’s timing. He ran a mile in 3 minute 58 seconds.

In the next 65 years, over 1500 people have run a sub-4 minute mile. This means that it took at least over 24,000 days for a man to achieve this record. Over the next 24,000 days, one person achieved this on an average of once every around every 16 days.

The learning from this is that once people started Mumbai escorts services believing that it was possible, the average time taken to achieve this feat came down from over 24,000 days to the current average of around once every 16 days.

Your belief system is important

It is said that the mind is over matter. The mind leads and the rest of the body follows. This is true for your runners as well as your sex life. If you want to fully enjoy the pleasure, health benefits and the calorie burn of standing sex positions, you should believe that it is possible. According to sex experts, standing sex positions are for the advanced sexual athlete. It will take some practice before you become an expert.

Start with oral sex and move to fingering

According to surveys, there is more to a sexual Mumbai escorts services experience than just penetration. Start with foreplay and oral sex. standing up doesn’t have to just be about penetration. Move to fingering the female partner before the penetration process.

Use fun props to add to the experience

There is excitement and the adrenaline pumps harder during standing sex but its important that both partners maintain proper balance. Use the fun prop as a brace, to act as a perfect stabilizer.

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It’s important to be patient during the penetration process

It is essential that you and your partner align Mumbai escorts services your bodies conducively while the penetration process happens during the standing sex. Take your time to secure each others balance and then the banging can happen in all its glory. The dressing table or the dinner table isn’t just for dressing and dining. They can also act as perfect prop for some passionate standing sex. Fancy pillows, large soft toys, sex dolls etc. can also add to the experience. However, its important that you remain patient and don’t hurry during the somewhat awkward penetration process.

Standing sex is fun, voyeuristic but there is a risk of injury

It is very important that you and your partner get a proper footing. This is more important if you are using a place which has a slippery flooring. The right footing is an often overlooked part. Ensure your foothold is pretty stable.The coziest corner of your house or hotel is the best place for your standing se romp. The female partner can experiment with lifting one leg or supporting herself with her arms, bending over and raising  buttocksfor better penetration.

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