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There are various sects of yogis. One of the sects is Tantric Yogis. While the other yogic sects believe in the renunciation of physical pleasures, the Tantric Yogis view the human body as a potent mechanism to explore the mind, body, and soul. The tantric sect of Yogis focuses on the progressive awareness of the human body as an inner universe of energy. The Tantric yoga practices are often frowned upon by the so-called, civilized society. Their techniques of achieving spiritual bliss are based on very unorthodox techniques. Instead of focusing on renouncing the world, physical pleasures, flesh-eating, etc., the tantric school of yogis focus on delving very deeply into physical pleasures, meat-eating, etc. to attain a high level of spirituality. The true meaning of tantra can be deciphered in various ways. However, one of the popular explanations is that it delves into the senses of the “tan” which refers to the human body and provides liberation or tra. The two add up to produce the word,Tantra.

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The essence of the sex that happens as a part of Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga, which includes Tantric sex, is a holistic sexual cum spiritual practice intended to form a deep intimacy between the inner bodily Universe of the human being and the limitless external Universe. Tantric Sex is a sacred practice of sexuality and intimacy. The Tantric Yogis worship Lord Shiva and Shakti. The sex which happens as a yogic practice is not just regular sex. Lord Shiva represents the extreme masculine virtues of the Universe while his wife, Mother Shakti embodies the extreme feminine virtues of the Universe. During Tantric sex, the yogis imagine themselves as Lord Shiva while their female partner imagines herself as Mother Shakti. The classical tantric sex is intended to be a worship of Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti. The partners who indulge in Tantric sex intend to invoke the divine energies of Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti who they believe reside everywhere in the Universe and also including their bodies. The divine energy bodies of Lord Shiva and his wife, Mother Shakti,and their embodied presence are the purpose of the sexual union. 

The pure sexual union of Tantra Yoga has been abused by fake Yogis

The sexual practices of the Tantric sect of Yoga are supposed to be conducted with attaining unity with the divine Lord and the Mother. However, the practice has been disreputed by fake yogis and fake Gurus who have used Tantric Yoga as an excuse to indulge in sex with their female disciples. You should note that the fake Gurus and the fake Yogis who have indulged in superfluous sexual acts while using Tantric Yoga as an alibi are not part of the divine sect of the Tantric Yogis. They have just abused a divine system just like a criminal. The criminalization of the divine sexual and interpersonal intimacy of the sex that is part of tantra yoga is a distortion of this divine system. More: Mumbai escorts

How you can use the Tantra Yoga sex techniques

Using the Tantra Yoga sex technique is very simple. You and your partner need to have a bath separately and well clothes that have been clean and washed. After this, you and your partner need to hold hands and imagine yourself as Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti. Your main intent during this meditative state is to initiate a mentality where you can invoke Lord Shiva and the Divine Mother Shakti that is residing in you and your partner.

This meditative practice should be continued for at least half an hour. After the meditative practice, you and your partner should be in a mental state to see the Divine Lord and the Divine Mother in each other with your physical eyes as well as your mind’s eyes.

After this meditative state, you can proceed to make love and have sex. Your intention during this aforesaid sexual session should be to achieve unity with the divine Lord and the Divine mother. After the sexual session, you and your partner must take a bath together.

Benefits of Tantric sex

This simple Tantricsex technique enables you to experience your own Divine nature. It also allows you and your partner to feel at one with the Entire Universe. This is one of the many Tantric sextechniques. It can be practiced very simply in your bedroom. This sex technique is very simple and extremely powerful. This divine sexual session will allow you to experience a breakthrough in your spiritual and personal growth. It will cleanse your body and mind in a very divine way. It will enable you to experience your body as the temple of worship.

You will be able to experience how sacred and pure you and your partner are. This simple sex session ( Mumbai escort) is intended to create a path to enable you to make a journey from your physical existence to the realization of your true self as a divine being.  It will activate all the Chakras of your body.

You can also add spiritual music, mantras, etc.

You do not need to be an expert on Mantras to access basic Mantras. The mantras are available on the internet. You can select a simple mantra of your choice during the meditative part of the session to heighten your link to the divine and drown out all disturbing noises from outside sources. What is a mantra? A Mantras is a set of sacred Sanskrit sounds that activate divine energy in your body. It is a simple and very powerful tool on your divine journey. This Tantric yoga sex technique enervates your Chakras and heightens thekundalini energy in your body as well as your partner’s body. The process is organized with great precision. The Divine Kundalini energy that will emanate from your intense indulgence in Tantric yoga sex will flow upwards through the Nadis and Various Chakras. If the upward flow of your energies is strong enough, then it will overflow through your respective Crown Chakras. This is the heightened state in which an individual or group can attain enlightenment or Samadhi. This is the ultimate state but it requires constant practice.

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