A study of the respective mental maps of men and women through their sexual behavior

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According to research, men and women, have significant psychological differences. Evolutionary psychologists have a good explanation to this phenomenon. For the best interest of the human race, the best genes have to be passed on to the next generation. The differences also emanate from reproductive behavior of both the sexes through the history of the human species.

How does evolution ensure survival of the human species

In order to ensure the survival of the human race, evolution gave men and women separate mental paradigms. The men have tendency to have sex with as many women as possible in order to preserve their genes and pass it on to the next generation. The women, on the other hand, want to carry the best genes. The men are the hunters, gatherers, money earners etc. who have to feed nad protect the woman and the children. The women have to be of a caring and nurturing nature in order to work in the best interest of her children and the next generation. More: Mumbai escorts

What is the mental paradigm of a woman?

The primary job of the women is the proper growth and development of her children. The women have to be geared to be of caring and nurturing nature. The human mind cannot usually switch between being kind, caring, nurturing at one moment and vicious in the next moment. It usually holds on to a certain emotion for a certain length of time specially in a given scenario. Human beings tend to form associations of good and bad memories to place inspite of the place not having anything specific to do with the good or bad memory. For instance, if a woman or man had their birthday party celebrated at a certain club, they would associate that club with a happy memory inspite of the club having nothing specific to do with the memory. On the contrary, if a woman or a man had an argument at a restaurant which led to a  break-up, he or she would associate the restaurant with a bad or sad memory. The restaurant service, cuisine etc. might be great but they will still tend to feel down walking into the restaurant.

Therefore, the women always need to be tuned in to their caring, nurturing and child rearing side in order to ensure the best mental and physical growth of the next generation. Therefore, the women choose men who can protect them. According to a noted clinical psychologist, women tend to like list a list of archetypes. The archetypes really sound kind of absurd and funny. However, they are true

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What kind of women do the women want and why? According to a book written by engineers of a multinational giant tech company, stereotypes that women like are vampires, werewolf, billionaire, surgeon and pirate.

The women have to tap in to their kind, caring, nurturing and homely side. Therefore, they need a man who can protect them from danger. A women may be capable of protecting herself but in order to do that she would need to tune in to her more vicious, dangerous side. This vicious, dangerous side would exactly make her a great mother. She could also become abuse to her children due to the fact that she is mentally geared for self-protection and has tuned into her mean, vicious side. ( Mumbai escort)

Therefore, women want to tame a beast of a man who is capable of protecting her from the dangers of life. The vampire and werewolf archetypes actually does not refer to an actual vampire or a werewolf. It refers to a man who loves her but also has a strong, vicious and dangerous side to him. The man will be able to tap into his strong, dangerous, vicious side in case she or her family is under attack.

The billionnnaire archetype that women want refers to the man who may not be physically strong but is extremely wealthy. He will be able to provide more than adequately for her children and herself. He will also be able to leverage his financial power to her and her family in case of any threat or attack.

The Pirate archetype refers to a modern day man who has the ability to hustle and come out on top. The Pirate of the yesteryears was a fighter and a plunderer. He led life on a knife’s edge and could use his cunning, strong physical and mental abilities to come out on top in a difficult situation.

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Therefore, women need a man who can provide for them and protect them. They would also like the man to love only her and behave in a very tame manner with her. The love aspect is also important as the woman will progressively lose her good looks as she ages. If the emotional love bond is strong, the man will stick to her.

Where does the problem between men and women arise?

According to the evolutionary blueprint, men have tendency to have sex with as many healthy women as possible in order to preserve and pass on their genes to the next generation. The role of the man is to provide and protect the women and the children. The role of the women is to care for, nurture and ensure the healthy growth of her children. However, the man tends to feel used and neglected as the woman focuses on her children. He may feel used as he has to undertake the arduous process of providing for and protecting the family day in and day out.

The man begins to feel neglected and that his needs are not taken care of. He may feel that if he can provide for more than one woman, the other women may give him priority and take care of his needs. Women on the other hand choose men who are more than adequate at protecting and providing for them. Therefore, the woman wants him to focus or spend all his resources on her. The man, on the other hand, tends to feel that he can spend his resources in whatever way he wants after adequately providing for her. What exactly is adequate in terms of providing for her has been a hot topic of debate since ancient history. An acceptable answer is improbable as human wants usually have no end.

Modern role reversal

In the recent times, there has been a role reversal in some cases. A new concept called Toyboy has emerged. A much older and wealthy woman gets into a relationship with a much younger man. The woman provides for the man financially. However, the toyboy and older woman relationship phenomenon is not very common but its popularity is growing.

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