A few pointers from experienced folks that will make sex on the beach a memorable experience

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The feeling of a person visiting a beach is always characterized by a joyful, free spirit. Having a sexual encounter on the beach is part of popular fantasy. The warm tropical beach atmosphere escalates the erotic, sexual experience even further. The warm sand takes away the aches and pains of the human body. The fun-filled atmosphere of each alleviates all the burden on the soul. Human beings have a strong bond with nature. Having sex outdoors, including on beaches, ocean, on forest floors, near a waterfall, etc. connects us to nature and makes sexual sessions feel more natural.

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It is said that experience is the best teacher. The saying holds good for all activities on the planet. It is also true for beach sex. If you want the collection of the best advice for having great sex on the beach, read on.

Rubbing against sand repeatedly is like sandpapering your skin. Sex on the beach and sand on your skin is not the best buddies.

A sandy beach may look picturesque in the movies but you do not want your or your partner’s skin to rub against the sand during sex. First-timers, who dived into sex on the beach without any caution have ended up with peeling, burning skin from repeated rubbing against the coarse grains of the sand. Therefore, it is vitally important that you and your partner keep a towel or two handy to protect yourself from repeatedly rubbing against the coarse sand grains.

Don’t use the missionary position for your sexual encounter on the beach

It is very unlikely that you will be able to carry a full-sized sponge-filled mattress to the beach. People who have engaged in missionary position sex on the beach have ended up with bruised elbows, buttocks, and back. A towel covers a very small area. Most of the people who had sex in the missionary position on the beach have not been conscious of the towel slipping away from their backs in the heat of the passionate sex. Therefore, a standing sex position is the best for your beach sex session.( Mumbai escort)

The standing wheelbarrow is the most practical sex position for having sex on the beach

This position is a variation of the doggy-style rear or vaginal entry. The female partner rests her body on her hands while the male partner lifts her buttocks to meet his erect penis. The penetration in this position is very deep. The strain on the female partner’s hands is not very high as the male partner lifts her hips and supports part of her weight with his hands. The female partner lies down on their hands and knees and the male partner lifts them behind. The female partner wraps their legs around the hips of the male partner. The male partner grabs the hips of the female partner, lifts her up and by their hips, and can forcefully thrust in the classic Standing Wheelbarrow sex position. The strain on the male partner’s hands is not very high as the female partner’s weight is supported by her hands as well as her legs wrapped around his hips.

Stay away from the salty water during sex

Salt water dries the inside of the vagina. More importantly, it also washes away the water-based lubricants that are available in the market today. Sex in the shallow shore after skinny dipping in the shallow waters may look good in the movies but it is a nightmare in reality. The waves will continuously disturb your positioning and the male partner’s penis may also flip out of the vagina if a strong wave hits during the ongoing sexual intercourse.

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Making this a great experience requires a certain amount of planning and carefulness. A sheet or something else to lay on is almost always essential. Accepting certain restrictions of movement may be part of the process as well. Having the right kind of lube can matter as well.

The sand, salty sea water, seaweed, etc. may also get into deep areas that you don’t them to get into. People who have got into impromptu sexual acts in the shallow waters on the beach have found irritations, rashes, red spots due to sand, salty water, etc. in every crack of their body. More: Mumbai escorts

Start your foreplay with a massage

The great part about lying down on a beach is the therapeutic, pain-relieving benefits that it provides. The beach is the perfect place for a massage. Ensure that you lay out the towel or sheet properly so that none of the body parts comes in direct contact with the sand. It is important to be aware of your foot placement. Not kicking up sand and dirt during the foreplay and massageis also vitally important. It is a great value addition if you can keep a dry cloth to brush away any sand that gets deposited in unwanted places.

Invest in sexy beach wear

It is important that you feel sexy and turns each other on. You can set a date and get in shape for this special occasion. Your investment in the latest trending beach wear will significantly add to the appeal of the occasion. Treat your beach sex date like a proper occasion. Plan and get equipped to make the most of the day or night.

Beware of prying eyes and cell phone cameras unless you want to be photographed

Check your surroundings to see if the beach is completely deserted. It is a good idea to keep a proper top sheet or blanket to ensure that there is no unwarranted photography of your intimate moments. The natural ambiance, and the earthy smells that emanate from the deep ocean add up to make the experience a one of a kind.t boils down to how well prepared you are. Treat your beach sex session planning like a mountaineering mission or a hitch-hiking expedition. It will be one of the best experiences of your life.

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