The reasons you should get a sexual massage

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Massage is a very potent therapeutic tool of alternate medicine. There is a school of scientists who believe that emotional events are recorded by the human body at a cellular level. These memories are accessible by touching the concerned body parts and also by recreating the circumstances in which these memories were created.

How sexual massage therapy works?

There are thousands of types of sexual massage therapies. In most sexual massage therapy sessions, specific massage techniques are used to arouse a person. In today’s internet age, loneliness is actually a very big problem. The feeling of being lonely often leads to loneliness-induced depression. At a spiritual level, sex is also a union of the mind, body, and soul. The sexual massage techniques of the top practitioners usually focus on healing a person by arousing or making him or her reach an orgasm.

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The sexual massage address the libido of a human being

According to a father figure in the field of psychoanalysis, sex is the very basic energy of life. The libido of a human being is his or her basic life force. This prominent figure in the field of human psychology viewed a person as the energy that directly influences a person’s behavior. The human being experiences two types of drives. The first one is Eros or life drive and the other one is Thanatos or death drive.

The life drive or Eros are those impulses that drive a person to be more affectionate, to fall in love, etc. On the opposite end of the scale is the death drive or Thanatos. The death drive or the Thanatos instinct of a person is when the person almost knowingly hurts himself or herself. It can be the drive of a person to indulge in wars and arguments that he or she cannot win. It is almost a drive of a person to mount misery on himself or herself. However, the libido of a human being is also prone to stagnation. Thelibido of a human being is not just about sexual pleasure. It has massive implications in all areas of the life of the life of a human being. Sexual massages help to address this issue in human beings.The sexual massages are usually done in a rhythmic motion. Apart from addressing the libido of the person undergoing the sexual massage, the massages also help to relieve muscle stiffness, promote better blood circulation and alsocleanse the body by removing toxins.

Sexual massages tap into body memory and cellular memory in order to cure psychosexual issues

Few special sex massage techniques,also have a  spiritual and healing component. Evenpsychotherapists and sexologists recommend these sexual massages. Sexual massages are also practiced by both partners in a relationship. In these specific massages,  psychosexual issues such as sexual incompatibility between partners, sexual performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. are addressed. Under these specific sexual massage healing techniques, an experiencedsexual massage practitioner is able to tap intothe BM or the body memory of a human being. Scientific experiments have conclusively proved that cellular memory exists. Cellular memory is actually a parallel concept or an extension of the concept of BM or body memory. Scientists who believe in the concept of Cellular Memory consider it a fact that memories can be stored in specific cells outside of the human brain. For example, a person was implanted with the heart of a person who had committed suicide. The gentleman later married the wife of the person from whom his heart was implanted. After a few years of marriage, he also committed suicide. Even after this sensational evidence, the scientific and medical community is largely divided on the concept of cellular as well as body memory.  The idea that non-brain tissues can have memories is not really a very widely accepted idea by the scientific community.

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However, it is widely accepted in the field of alternative medicine. The scientific community largely believes that newfound memories, thoughts, and emotionsafter an organ transplant are more suggestive are the result of immunosuppressant drugs and dismisses this concept as a bad drug-laden trip.

The famous Flatworm training experiment to demonstrate cellular memory which is used in sexual massages

A group of Biologists was able to train flatworms in spite of the worms not having any brains and heads. Even a flatworm reduced to over 1/250th ofits original regrew itself within a few weeks. It was also trained to head quickly towards light and open spaces for food. This training and its subsequent action were against the nature of the flatworm. More: Mumbai escorts

In another experiment, scientists trained a group of flatworms to maneuver correctly around a maze. These flatworms were then chopped up and fed to untrained worms. The untrained group of Flatworms learned faster compared to a control that had not been fed trained worms. This is another experiment that pointed to the evidence of cellular memory.

The most popular type of sexual massages

  1. 1.     Japanese Nuru Massage

The message probably got its name from the exotic Nori seaweed. This particular type of seaweed produces a colorless and odorless slippery gel,One of the most popular forms of sexual massage is the Japanese Nuru Massage. The word, Nuru, in Japanese means slippery. This erotic massage technique originated in Kawasaki, Japan.

The massage technique involves a ritual in which all the parties are dressed in a traditional Japanese dress called the Kimono. The parties chant together and then take off their clothes. The Nuru massage gel is then rubbed on the bodies of all the parties. The central part of the Nuru massage technique is the naked, beautiful Nuru masseuses usingbodies to massage the client’s body in a very intimate way. During the massage session, participants are touched by the bodies of the masseuse in a very special and intimate way. It usually invokes pleasurable memories in the client’s mind. The Nuru massage usually leads to a sexual act that results in a delightful orgasm.

2.A happy ending massage

The happy ending massage is a typical sexual massage.  A happy ending massage covers a broad category of sexual massages. It refers to any massage with ends with a sexual act.

A tip for a great sexual massage session

Sexual massages, including Nuru massage, are legal in many places. Many massage therapists and sex therapists offer also private, couple, and group massage sessions.There are many licensed sexual massage parlors around the world. Keep the communication channel open with the masseuse to guide him or her to the areas which give you maximum pleasure.

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