How to exercise and eat for your sex romp after a hard day’s work

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The job opportunities in this connected world often enable a person to work in cognizance with clients on the opposite side of the world. However, this screws up their biological clock. According to research, more than 30 percent of the world’s white-collar working professionals are sleep deprived. Sleep plays an integral role in general as well as sexual health. Sleep is the reset button of the human body. The body repairs and renews itself during sleep. A good night’s sleep empowers the body to recover and lets you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.Inadequate sleep can be due to several reasons. The recommendations for minimal sleep are based on a review of many scientific studies and are animportant aspect of sexual health. It is also a fact that men get even less than women. More: Mumbai escorts

What is sexercise?

Sleep deprivation screwed up biological and work-related stress adds up to hamper your performance in bed. However, according to research, sexercise and consuming the right foods can solve this problem. Sexercise are those specific exercises that can be performed before a sex romp that enhances the sexual performance of an individual. For best results, you can perform your set of exercisestogether as couples in conjunction with consuming foods that enhance your libido. Your sexercise sessions need to be of optimal length so that it revs up your sexual engine but does not tire you out. These sessions will get you in the mood for sexual activity, enhance the circulation of oxygenated blood in your body, and will also pump your body with the right natural hormones for a great sexual romp. Sexercise and libido-enhancing foods will also reduce any performance anxiety.

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Why do we recommend the most erotic music with your sexercise session?

The answer is entrainment. The detailed explanation is as follows. According to research by physicists, everything in the universe vibrates to a certain frequency. According to their research, all living and non-living things in the universe are actually in constant motion. Even the non-living objects which appear to be stationary are constantly vibrating. Further, all matter, including human bodies, is constantly vibrating at different frequencies. The vibrations are at different scales. Due to the working population having to work often in opposition to their biological clock, in a sleep-deprived, tired, stressed-out state, the coordination of the mind, body, and soul being in sync with the common vibration of the Universe has become a problem.

The phenomenon of spontaneous reorganization postulates that the coming together of different vibrating matters results in the different vibrating matters either changing or remainingin the same level of vibration to vibrate at a common frequency. Anexample of this phenomenon is fireflies of certain species coming together and flashing in sync in sync with one another. The laser beams are the result of photons of the same power and frequency shooting in sync with one another. The synced rotation of the moon with the rotation of the earth such that no one from the earth can see the other side of the moon. Synced vibrations or movement is almost a law of the Universe. This synced vibration is also called resonance.

Within these vibrational phenomena, resonating particles tend to communicate with one another, influence each other, and fall into sync. When the frequencies are the same, it’s called ‘resonance’. However, when a vibrational body of a stronger resonance influences another in its field and makes it vibrate at a higher frequency, it is called entrainment.

The right kind of music will entrain you to disconnect from the stressors of your work day and the exercises will prime your body to get into the mood for a great sexual romp.

When two or more systems oscillating or vibratingat different frequenciestransfer energy betweeneach other and subsequently line up and both begin to vibrate to the frequency of the object which had the highest frequency, the phenomenon is called Entrainment. Strangely enough, human beings tend to follow the law of physics. The bodies of human beings naturally entrain to external rhythms. For instance, different phases of the Lunar cycles entrain hormonal cycles. Since the beginning of humanity, sounds and songs have been part of human life. There are sound practitioners who can also heal with melodious sounds.

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We recommend listening to music that, according to research, was made intentionally erotic. According to research by a professor at a prominent University, music that was made for arousal dates back to the Sirens of Homer’s Odyssey. For best results, you can listen to Italian music from the 16th and 17th centuries. These pieces were made for arousal and great sex. The notes of this intentionally erotic musicintertwine, and create dissonances, the highs and the lows of the music are intentionally for creating tension and release. However, the music for arousal is not only limited to the aforesaid 16th and 17th-century Italian music. Classical music across the globe is great at arousing the sexual beast in you. Therefore, select the classical music of your choice.

The exercises and the food items

To get set up for your sex romp after your working day, take a bath and spray on a great perfume. Keep a jug of water or an electrolyte drink handy. Keep simple carbohydrates like bananas, strawberries, chocolates, etc. which taste great and are also well-known libido enhancers. Start playing the classical music of your choice. Ensure that you put your playlist on a loop so that the music does not stop abruptly in the middle of your sex romp and spoil your mood. Have a small serving of the food items and begin your exercise session. Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitionseach of the 5 bodyweight-onlyexercises listed. The exercises arepushups, inverted rows, glute lifts, dynamic planks,and glute lifts again. The 10 sets of 10 repetitions will not tire you out but will enervate you. After the 100 repetitions of the exercise, have another small serving of the fruits and berries.  After this dim, the lights of the room and mentally visualize your sex romp. For best results, you and your partner can do the exercisesession together.

Start your sex session by dancing with your partner, preferably naked, so that you and your partner can detach from the worries of the world and develop a deeper sense of connection and unison.

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