How to enjoy lesbian sex with Mumbai escorts

mumbai escorts

Homosexuality still being a taboo, having sex for lesbian women is still quite a difficult thing to do. However, Mumbai call girls have you covered here as they provide a wide range of sexual services to lesbian women both at luxurious five-star hotels and in the comfort of the client’s own home. You need to get a booking with the Mumbai escort service, and they will send you the escort of your choice at your place or any other place you will ask for. The service is discreet, private, and safe for women to use.

With that taken care of, let us look at some of the ways in which you can have some spicy fun.

  • Set the mood to get the utmost pleasure from your Mumbai call girl

If you are having the session at your place or a hotel, decorate the room as you would like to have and dress up in sexy lingerie. Take a warm bath before and relax yourself to get into the mood and have fun thoughtlessly. Let your escort have some fun too by being presentable for her which will make her give her hundred percent efforts to satisfy you.

  • Get all the sex toys you would like to use

Will you like to be banged, or will you like to be flogged? Arrange for all the sex toys you would like to use and would like to be used on you. Get your dildos and strap-ons to get the feeling of being banged. Keep your bullet vibrators ready, along with your butt plugs and Hitachi wands. Mumbai call girls are experts in using these sex toys on their clients. So be ready to beg for your orgasm as they pair up these sex toys and use them on you together to drive you crazy.

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  • Aim to please to be pleased by Mumbai call girls

To be pleased by these women, you must be able to please them too. Just like you would do it with a partner, communicate with them and try to please her, bring her close to her release so that she gears up to give you double of what you gave her. Ask her how she would like you to do things to her and follow her instructions to make her evening worthwhile too.

  • Breasts are sensitive; utilize that

Women are huge suckers for breast play, and thus, ask your call girl to suck onto your boobs and nipples because that will make you crazy wet and very turned on. Involve some pain play with nipple clamps if you would like, or ask her to pinch and twist your nipples occasionally to give you bursts of pain in pleasure.

  • For Mumbai call girls, cunnilingus is the greatest art

These women can drive you mad with their tongues playing on your vagina and vulva while simultaneously stimulating your breasts. To level up the stimulations, use a butt plug in your anus and then ask her to lick around your vulva and suck at your clitoris while you squirm and writhe beneath her. You can also involve fingering while she eats you to get the utmost pleasure. These combined sensations are bound to take you to your pinnacle of pleasure.

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  • Dominate or get dominated

Spice things up; ask your Mumbai call girl to dominate you by holding you down while she eats you or vice versa. She can also hold you down and bang you hard from the back with the strap-on dildo. If you can tolerate high levels of pain pleasure, use nipple clamps on your erect nipples, use a Hitachi wand on your clitoris and a butt plug in your anus, and ask your Mumbai call girl to bang you hard. The combined sensation will make you squirt.

  • Go for mutual pleasure with your Mumbai call girl

Try the 69 positions and eat each other out simultaneously if you can comfortably get into that position. The moans and shrieks will, in turn, send vibrations to your vaginas, putting on additional stimulations. Suck onto her nipples while she pushes a dildo in and out of you or fingers you hard. Mark each other up if you have no issues with having hickeys.

These are some ways you can have an amazing time with each other. Women at Mumbai escort services are trained separately to please female clients; thus, these are only the trailer of what these women have in store for you. Get yourself a booking, and your mind will be blown by the utmost pleasurable experience you will be exposed to. As we have already told you, do not worry about safety, as the entire transaction is hundred percent discreet, and there will be no issues of any kind. Just relax, get yourself a suitable call girl and enjoy and learn about pleasing women. Maybe you will learn enough to please the woman of your life!

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