How to make your oral session with Mumbai call girls more fun

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Oral sex is always amazing, no matter who it is being done to, you or your partner. It is even more amazing when you have an expert who can give you the utmost pleasure. The Mumbai call girls are one of the best people to make your evenings extremely pleasurable and worth remembering, as you already know. Hundreds of videos on the web by the Mumbai escort services will give you a teaser of what they have in store.

Let’s look at some spicy ways to level up your oral sex sessions with them.

  • Ask for women who specialize in oral sex at the Mumbai escort services

Not all women you get at an escort agency are excellent at everything they do. Most of them are fairly good, but some specialize in specific activities. All you have to do is discuss with them and ask for a woman who excels in making men cum with a simple blowjob. That kind of expert is going to make your evening an adventurous one.

  • Create a build-up with your Mumbai call girl

Getting into oral sex right after you look at each other is neither possible nor pleasurable. The build-up is very important to make the session feel as fantastic as it should be. Begin with slow and teasing touches to get your heart racing. Kiss and make out like young teenagers to get yourself the much-needed push to be ready for the next levels of your evening.

  • Let your Mumbai call girl take control

Your escort knows what she is doing because she has these skills mastered from years of practice. Just tell her what you want her to do and watch her unleash her magic on you. Please sit back and relax as she plays with your manhood and drives you crazy with her ministrations. Ask her to give you a strip tease and a lap dance to get you going before you both get to the main act.

  • Get naked with your escort and go down on her before she goes down on you

Pleasing your partner is always an excellent way to get turned on yourself. All those moans, groans, and chants of your name will only make it harder for your escort to go down and suck you. So, get down and suck onto her clitoris and lick around her vulva, giving her an orgasm. Use your skills and give her the best oral sex she has ever got so she can return the favor in due time.

  • While in the act, take control if you like dominating your Mumbai call girl

If you like to dominate, ask your escort to go down on her knees and suck your penis. Take control of the act by holding her head or hair, whichever you find suitable, and bob her head gently to move your penis inside her mouth while she maintains a medium suction with her facial muscles and tongue. Increase your pace gently and piston your hips to move your penis in and out of her mouth without hurting her.

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  • Sit back and relax if you like submitting to your partner

Submit yourself to the mercy of your Mumbai call girl‘s ministrations if you like that idea. Lie down, ask her to take your penis in her mouth, and tease you. Go crazy as she swirls her tongue around the head of your manhood, not giving you the complete pleasure of an orgasm. Tell her to play around with your foreskin and change her pace of bobbing around your penis every other moment to prolong your pleasure and lengthen the build to reach a peak level of pleasure. Also, ask her to suck in your balls and the skin of the scrotum and also ask her to lick at your perineum to drive you wild.

  • Include some pain in the pleasure

Little bursts of pain while being pleasured only enhances the overall experience. Ask for a woman who has no issues with some pain play at the Mumbai escort services. While she is giving you the head, ask her to pull you close by squeezing or slapping your butt, and also ask her to make some nail marks on your thighs. While you control the pace of the blowjob, move into her throat gently and make her gag on your penis so that her throat muscles squeeze your penis gently to give you immense pleasure.

Escorts at the Mumbai escort services are very well trained in almost every technique to make you have your best orgasms and give you a fulfilling experience. With that and the ideas and tips we have tried to cover in this article, you are definitely in for a very sexy time. So gear up and get your bookings with them to have an unforgettable night of your life!

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