Different ways of making Masturbation playful

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Masturbation is a very sensual process of making yourself cum. In better words, the phenomenon and process of Masturbation are also referred to as “making love to yourself.” The process is very pleasurable when one tries their best to make themselves cum. However, the perfect pleasure is sometimes not obtained if the process is not carried out correctly. There are various ways a girl can masturbate. Clitoris rubbing is one of the most common ways of Masturbation followed by women.

Besides, vaginal fingering is also very pleasurable and is done accurately. For men, it is primarily a handjob that they can do to make themselves cum; except for such physical contact with themselves, there are also sex dolls and accessories that can make both a girl and a boy cum. There are dildos and vibrators available for women and sex dolls for men to make them cum. Read about the various ways of making Masturbation extremely pleasurable here.

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  • Feel yourself sensually

Before diving into sexual stimulation, try to focus on feeling yourself sensually. Feeling yourself sensually is going to set the stage for sexual stimulation. You can start from your head and work with your hand down. Run your hands through your hair, and massage your neck and collarbones. Gently touch your breasts and belly. The inner thigh is the most erotic zone; hence massaging the inner thigh will undoubtedly make you wet.

After this, begin to touch your genitals through your clothing. Run your fingers down your clitoris and give it a sensual massage. Give out some low moans to stimulate yourself more. Don’t hold yourself back from making noises as it will make you more aroused and increase the sensations all over the body.

  • Knowing your erogenous zones

Sexual arousal is not only limited to stimulating your genitals. The human body is full of luscious hot spots such as the thighs, neck, buttocks, and the small of the back. Your ears are also one of the most erogenous spots you have not explored before. Besides getting the apparent pleasures of listening to delicious sounds, stimulating the outer ear can activate our brain’s pleasure centers and make you wet.

 This is because the turn-on from ear sensation is driven by the Vagus nerve, a significant component of the calming and restorative side of our nervous system, which is very active during orgasm.

  • Try to combine multiple types of stimulation

Make sure to combine various types of stimulation from multiple erogenous zones like the clitoris, vulva, vagina, nipple, and anus. This can add up to some profound pleasure. Some can even reach orgasm by touching their nipples alone. Try to put one hand on your breast and the other inside yourself and let your hands do all the wandering.

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Touching your anus can also do wonders. Anus has rich nerve endings and is very much responsive to light touch. Sometimes for some people, the clitoral orgasms are much more intense with anal stimulation. You do not have to turn your mind off to reach an orgasm. Always pay attention to your sensations.

  • Play around with your positions

You can switch your position in Masturbation just like you do in sex. No such position works for everyone; hence, try to explore your body and find out which one is right for you. You can try rubbing your clitoris against the bed. You can also lay on your back, keep your knees bent, splay your legs out straight, lift your legs into a shape, and many more. Play around with some of these moves, and you will get to know your taste.

You can use a pillow or two to support your stomach and hips and then use your hands or a toy and hump between your body and the pillow to rev things up. Use a pillow as it angles up your hips and makes you open to new sensations. Stand in the shower, open up your legs and use the removable showerhead stream to tease and pick up your favorite water-resistant vibrator, guaranteeing you orgasms. Masturbating in a standing position is one of the best things many people ignore.

  • Use sex toys

If you have got bored with your hands, try using different sex toys to level up your sexual stimulation. Play with your vibrator. Most vibrators are designed in such a way to give you the clitoral stimulation you crave. There are plenty of options, from bullet vibrators to magic wands, for you to try.

Toys are always fun and add a spark to bring different types of pleasures to your game. You can also try using oral simulators. Many people have not heard about it, but it is a suction cup that uses an oscillating pressure that will gently pull an orgasm out of your body.

  • Try other types of sex toys

From nipple clamps to nipple pumps, non-vibrating wands to electricity sticks, and C-rings to genital sleeves, there are many types of sex toys that you can try on your next masturbation session to reach the peak of your orgasm.

You can also try something new like a stainless steel or glass toy and place it in the fridge or warm water before a session. After that, use it on sensitive areas like the breasts or thighs to provoke sensually intense reactions. Give out little moans to get your stimulation to the next level.

  • Masturbate in front of your partner

Masturbation always doesn’t mean to be a solo activity. Masturbating in front of your partner or engaging in mutual Masturbation can heighten desire and serve as an opportunity to explore each other’s bodies in depth. This way, you can show your partner exactly what turns you on. Please keep your eyes on where their hands roam on their bodies and get a little knowledge yourself.

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This is also a biggie for couples who are in long-distance relationships. You can hop on a video call and make a sexy show for each other.

These were some tips on how to make your Masturbation playful. There is no such thing as the right or wrong way to masturbate. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone will have their taste. Try to take your time to explore your body, all those things which make you horny. Experiment with different toys and accessories; the most important thing is to be comfortable.

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