How to reach a girl’s G – spot accurately

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To a great surprise, it is pretty difficult to find every woman’s G – Spot, which is considered one of the most challenging jobs to do while having sexual intercourse. To an extent, even scientists and researchers are also exceptionally doubtful about explaining the proper way to find the G – Spot of a woman. The G – Spot is a place that is a highly argued part found in a woman’s body.

Many sex therapists believe that G-Spot is considered the urethral sponge attached to the wall of the vagina. On the other hand, many deny this theory as this fact does not work for other women. Hence, let us get to know the most accurate way possible, which might help you find the G- spot of your partner and give them the ultimate pleasure during the moment.

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Is the G – spot a sexual trigger point?

This question has a lot of answers to give a justification. Let us find out the answer for the query: –

  1. Sometimes women get around the G – Spot and get turned on, but sometimes it is not only the G – spot that offers the pleasure at that moment.
  2. When G – spot gets a sensation, it starts to enter through the mons pubis that pushes and moves towards the clitoris along with clitoral ligaments, giving women heavenly pleasure.
  3. All these parts are connected and help to provide an extreme level of satisfaction.

Now let us move into the main question and solve the answer.

How to find the G – spot?

The information required the most for the men is that the G – spot is approximately present at two inches up and one inch inside towards the vaginal region. But it is also seen that all women have variations in themselves, and men might need to move an inch inside and either left or right or find that spot.

To go for the adventure, the best is to use your fingers which can help give a pinch of pleasure, and continue hunting for the G – spot. It is considered one of the most mysterious jobs to do in the field of sexual pleasure. If you find it out, it will be one of the best nights, along with the discovery of the dual vaginal and clitoral orgasm that provides that feel, but both the partners will get outrageous upon themselves.

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Let us look into the best tips to gather for finding the G – spot:

  1. It is necessary to be in a sexy mood, filled with utter horny feeling, before going into the mysterious job with your fingers. Unless you are aroused as hell, blood will start filling up your pelvic region, and the location will become easier to get the spot. Hence, make the ambiance speak, light up the candles, spill some roses, have the best suits, some pinch of feminist porn, and fantasize about your girl to make the mystery happen.
  2. Once the environment starts to speak, and that taste of feeling comes to the tip of your lips, go inside with two or three fingers, roll, and hunt the space until you reach the belly button.
  3. Whether with your girl or any toy, you can also try the same by entering the vagina from behind. Just don’t forget to have the same pressure with that same taste in yourself and concentrate on hunting into the belly button.
  4. Experimenting for the spot is considered to be the best. It might be rough or wet, but that’s the place to make your night the best and worth remembering.

What to do after finding the G – spot?

Following are the main points to keep in mind while finding the G – spot: –

  1. Just hold the fingers, gently apply pressure and get into a deep mode of using it.
  2. Stroke the area as if you are calling it to have that pleasure and become the cherry on top of the bed.
  3. You can also have a rhythmic circular motion just like you do while you are present over the clitoris; yes, that’s the best and most appropriate thing to get into heaven.
  4.  Don’t forget that the G – spot is not current at the vaginal wall; instead, it is in the central part of the vaginal front wall.
  5.  You might also need to pressurize a bit more to get into solving the puzzle of pleasure.
  6. Men can also go for a dildo if they find it challenging to find the G – spot; you need to lure it inside the vagina and solve the mystery.

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Here’s a pro tip, you must lure up the dildo before inserting it inside the vagina; lure it as slow as possible and make momentum with the lure breaking through the motion inside and making it to the belly button. If you see your work is making it happen, go for that rhythm with a bit more pressure. Create more friction to boost the pleasure from the chances of orgasms created from the belly buttons.

  1. The sensation urged for the G – spot is also different based on the menstrual cycle.
  2. However, every possible pleasure area might change as per the menstrual cycle process.
  3. The G- spot can help to ejaculate the girls while in bed. Squirting can add up salt to the meal.
  4. There is also a mystery; every woman cannot squirt while pleasuring upon the G – spot; the level of an orgasm does not match with just ejaculation.

Now you know how to hunt for the spot to ensure pleasure during sexual intercourse. The rhythmic patterns and processes of going inside hunting with your fingers can add up to the fun. Just fantasize your girls with the right things required to go through the spot and the process which can give the ultimate result during the adventure, both in the bed and inside the pore.

If you find it difficult, use a dildo or any non-vibrating toy to lure inside the mysterious arena to get wet. Hence, go inside and hunt for the spot to make it the best possible night of your life and let the girl mourn for you again and again.

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