How to Enjoy a Woman-Woman Relationship in Foreplay

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Even though every teen might be very excited about sex as they will hear about boobs, ass and pussy most don’t even have the basic knowledge. Most people don’t know about the difference between foreplay and sex, or sexual intercourse, to be exact. Sexual intercourse is the process when two people get into sexual contact and perform penetration (condition when a dick is inserted in the vagina of a female). While on the other hand, foreplay is the process through which two people get physically and mentally intimate to sexually stimulate the partner. We have talked enough about foreplay between a male and a female, so in this article, we will discuss the foreplay between two women (lesbian relationship).

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How to enjoy foreplay between two females

  1. Pre-Foreplay

As we already know that foreplay is the activity where two people (be of any gender) get involved in sexual stuff. But even before foreplay, you can do some non-sexual things to stimulate your partner. When it comes to lesbian foreplay, the main problem comes in the initiation of intimacy. Here are ways through which you can enjoy pre-foreplay.

  • Flattering

You can start the process by just starting with words. You should remember that the more flattering the word, the best. Words like “I like the way you look in those tees”, “I like your look without any makeup”, or “I like the way you smile”. You should say the things that are naturally coming to your mind. This will allow you to flatter your partner very quickly.

  • Flirtation

Sing with her, dance with her, do crazy stuff until and less makes her mad. Such little things are what satisfy a woman, and they will think that you genuinely care about her. One thing to note is that some women may react roughly if they get offended by anything you do to them.

  • Have Fun

Try to act silly, make her laugh, be joyful or make her happy. This will elevate her mood even if she is going through something terrible, after which you can try to stimulate her sexual feelings.

  • Nurture Her

Nurturing her would be another sign of letting her know that you genuinely care about her. Try to comb her hair, massage her body, and take a bath together. You can also take care of her boobs and vagina by giving it a gel message in the shower.

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  • Touch her sexual spots

To be honest, foreplay (be it between a male and a female or between two females) is incomplete without being intimate. There are generally many ways you can become intimate with each other. So,let’s discuss some of the ways through which you can stimulate her through physical contact.

  • Fingering

Vagina is one of the most delicate and sensitive areas of a woman’s body. There are many reasons for it, but the main reason is that it has many nerve endings which make it touch-sensitive, and when someone tries to poke a finger inside it or even rub through the edges, the woman feels sexual stimulation.

  • Nipple play/ Boob fondling

Just like the vagina, boobs and nipples are some of the most sexual parts of a woman’s body, along with being one of the most sensitive areas. You should be gentle while you are rubbing your boobs. Try to message and play with it. Nipple play has the potential of giving orgasm to a woman without any other stimulation but don’t forget to be gentle. If you get rough enough to offend her, then it would make her angry instead of stimulating her.

  • Focus on the five senses

When thinking of sexually stimulating your partner, you should be aware of the senses she likes the most. You should know if she is flattered by music, food, or your physical touch. There can be many things that can stimulate her. Firstly, you should find out the sense that she is affected by the most, then you can focus on it more. So now, let’s discuss some of the senses and ways you can use them.

  • Sight

You can blindfold her, take her hand, and let her touch your sexual body parts such as your boobs, ass, or vagina. You can also send her your naked photos along with photos where you are dressed in sexy outfits, which will be enough to entice her.

  • Sounds

Know about her taste in music, or try stimulating her by making moaning voices. Moaning voices are something that can entice both males and well as lesbians.

  • Smell

It has been scientifically proven that women like their partners who smell good and are near and clean. This is why you should be aware of the fragrance that she liked, or you can even use room fresheners of smell that she like. This will create an atmosphere where she will be sexually stimulated.

  • Touch

Let her wash your body during the shower, or you can also message her body during the shower with some moisturizer or even gel. It is known to everyone that body massage in the shower is very sensual.

  • Taste

Try to cook together or try cooking intimately. After cooking the food, try to feed each other. 

We are living in the 21st century, and people are still in doubt about human genders. People might only think that there are only two genders, but in all honesty, there are many genders like Male, female, gay, lesbian and many more. At the same time, males are people who are interested in girls or females while females are interested in boys or males. While male-female might be clear as water but gay and lesbian are a mixture of both, which is why they are a bit complicated.

Gays are people who have a male’s physical features but are not interested in females. They crave dick which means that they are attracted to males. Just like gays, lesbians are people who have the physical features of a female but are not interested in males but in females.

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